-Realm of Wrongdoing-

A sector of the afterlife reserved for the souls who lived out their mortal existances purely for their own gain. Seperated into five Planes, where wrongdoers are sorted into five offenses.

Death only lingers in the land of the living,
but even before you feel true pain, you will find yourself
yearning his presence again.

-Immortal Being of the Abyss-

The Supreme Ruler of the Citadel; without form or compassion, who resides in-bettwen the realms of the living and the dead. It is described as a dark, looming energy from which an ancient wisdom radiates. In this world, its will is reality, as convictions are carried out without guards or force, but with intentions, and the power to bring them into reality. All departed souls must present themselves to Dr'kthalet for Conviction.

What is that who exists
between realities, but reserves
the power to manipulate both?

-The Judgement of a Soul-

After death, souls find themselves in a procesion of infinite length, marching on a well trodden path under a conopy of gray forrest that surrounds them on each side, twards a jagged cave imbedded into a terrible mountain. The souls march through its hollowed expance, only ceacing when they come to a great iron door at the center of the mountain, rusted and cracked with age, through which only one soul at a time can pass through.
Here resides the being Dr'kthalet, who awaites to judge the souls of the departed. Within the gate there lies a blazing stone altar underneath where the smokey form of Dr'kthalet hovers. A soul only must thrust its spectral hand into the altar's fire, to be judged. As the soul burns away, its essence is guided to its final destination. The essences that are found inoccent by Dr'thalet are set free into a higher plane, though the ones that are found guilty of living for themselves are dragged into the Citadel of Suffering, from where there is no escape, to exist in agony until the end of time. These souls are split into five crimes, for which there are five different punishments.

Life is only an illusion, there
is only a procesion of souls, and
those who walk far in the back.

Plane II: Decognition

The souls who failed to make use of the gift of Mind while still mortal are sent here. They were too lazy to think for themselves and only took the words of others for truth. Their minds, which had the ability to be put to use for the good of others, sat still and rotted. As they gave up their minds in life, in death, their physical minds are crushed and drilled into repeatedly, for the rest of eternity.

To ignore the gift of
Mind is to devalue
your very soul.

Plane I: Desolate

Here exist the souls who failed to leave behind a legacy of good deeds after their death reside here. These are the people who meant nothing to the world, and therefore have been forgotten. Because of there selfishness, they sit in the first plane of the Citadel, alone and confused. Here, the ground is made of slate, and is littered with chunks of chalk. All they have to do is write their names on the ground, and they would be allowed to leave the Citadel and join the innocent. But as their selfish deeds led them to become forgotten, they themselves cannot remenber who they were.

Give the world only nothing,
and it will give you
nothing in return.

Plane III: Vain

The people who allowed other to inherit their burdens are sent to this plane. Their dependancy of others only caused others pain. As punishment of pushing burdens on other people, they themselves must hold burdens of unfathomably large rocks.

To let go of your burdens
is to throw them
onto another.

Plane IV: Poison

The people who use speech to sting others are cast down into this plane. They did nothin but put others down to raise themselves up. As the venom of their words infected others, they are chained in a pit of vipers, who's venom courses through their bloodstream for all eternity.

Mind the venom in your
bite, for it will
sting you, too.

Plane V: Deceiption

The Souls on the last plane used speech to twist truth for their own gain. Their decites brought good for themselves only, and hurt the rest. In this plane, souls wallow in a deep pit, where their bodies are twisted and broken over and over again. Just as the souls distorted truth, their own bodies are distorted.

To distort truth is
to distort what
makes one whole.